Competitive Programming – My First Experience

Competitive Programming – My First Experience

For the last two Wednesday, I have participated in Programming League Competition hosted by Persatuan Komputer Universiti Malaya (PEKOM) . It was my first experience ever to compete in an online programming competition.

The competition is divided into 2 categories namely Open Category (All FCSIT UM student) and Closed Category (Only first-year student of FCSIT).

Obviously, I choose to join the closed category because there is less competition for me, and it is less challenging.

To qualify for the final round which will be held on 24th November 2017, this Friday, we are required to go through 2 selection round which was held online on 8th and 15th of November.

On each round, we are given 2 question to solve and submit it to Virtual Judge and hopefully the answer is right.

I didn't manage to solve any of the problems given, sadly, hahaha. But I do think I solved some part of it.

I don't fully understand how this "Virtual Judge" thing is working, maybe I submitted in the wrong format or stuff like that. I don't know whether it is a robot that "judge" my codes or real people doing it.

All and all, it was an experience for me. I was getting exposed to on how online programming competition was held, knowing that virtual judge is a thing, some ideas on what kind of problems does this competition have and etc.

Bottom line, you gonna suck on the first try in anything, I expect to fail, I expect to be mindblown. But I do enjoy it, I was having fun.

Looking forward to the next programming competition in the future. If you know one, tag me. 😁😁

Btw, if you want to have a look at the question and my codes, you can go to this GitHub repo.

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