How to get lucky, an rant from yours truly.

Before we start, please read the QRTs from both Edd and Mu'azh.

They both have presented a great point about luck

Keep working and grinding so that you're prepared to take advantage of luck when it comes.

Me however, I'm here to share about how to get lucky.

Yes, luck is out of our control but we can increase the chance TO get lucky.

I mean it's hard for luck to hit you when you're not doing anything.

Imagine if you only stay at home for a year, only go out when necessary, and strictly within your neighbourhood.

How do you think luck can happen if that's the only thing you did?

Also, the amount of "lucky things" that can happen in your neighbourhood is very low.

Yes it's possible for idk Justin Bieber to come to your house, it's very unlikely, but it's not impossible.

(i have no better example so bear with me)

It can happen tomorrow, or it can happen in the next 50 years, who knows.

As long as he's still alive, the possibility is not 0.

Now imagine you're always travelling, or you go to Justin Bieber's local area for vacation.

You are more likely to meet him now.

Yes you still can't guarantee you'll meet him but it is more likely – and that's exactly what luck is.

We can't control luck but we can increase the odds for lucky stuff to happen.

I can endorse this myself, I've been active on social media (twitter, linkedin) since 2017.

A lot of lucky things has happened to me because I'm "travelling the world" on the internet.

I've got freelance gigs, fulltime jobs opportunities, workship mentorship opportunities, and more coming left and right.

And I'd like to think those "lucky stuff" happens to me BECAUSE I've increase the odds.

I'm not saying this to brag but I'm just trying to make a point.

If I never shared anything here, never post a blog, never write a LinkedIn article, keep my heads down and just do my work, I don't think I'll get this lucky.

If you were to take anything from this rant, please remember to do interesting stuff and share it.

You'll never know who's watching.

It could be your next employer, it could be your future co-founder, it could be someone that can help you to land a job, nobody knows.

So if you're ever in doubt to share anything on social media, keep this in mind.

You can't control luck but you can make yourself more lucky.

You can also watch this video to better understand what I'm trying to say.

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