WhatsApp It! – My first useful app

WhatsApp It! – My first useful app

Who is this apps for?

Anyone who always in need to contact other people through WhatsApp but have no interest in saving their contact details. All you need to do is just type in the number and it will direct you to WhatsApp.

It is essentially a click to chat feature. Try it here.

The inspiration

When I was in charge of taking t-shirt orders for my college’s event which is the Software Engineering Day recently, I find out that it is unnecessary to save the customer’s phone number just to tell them about the payment.

I am a person who don’t like to keep my contact list full with unknown people or someone who I have contacted once. Thus, this app is made. :)

Click to Chat feature

I first found out about this feature when I was trying to shop online on Instagram. Most sellers provide a link on their bio for us to click and then it opens up WhatsApp with their number. Sometimes they even pre-filled it with some generic text, which I find really handy.

How it works

The logic behind it is pretty simple.

First, I save the input from the user in a Variable. Then I append it to the Click to Chat Custom URL from WhatsApp and save it in another Variable. When the user click the WhatsApp It! button, it will open up that link in a new tag.

For example, user type in 012324xxxx, the number will then append to the link Variable, creating https://wa.me/012324xxxx. Finally, the user will be directed to that link when they click on WhatsApp It!

What are the tools that I use?

I use Bootstrap for the front-end and JavaScript for the logic. I also use GitHub to host it with GitHub page.

New features that I have in mind

I am currently trying to add more country code into it so that you can use it to WhatsApp anyone, as long as they have WhatsApp account.

I have read some reviews about a similar app on Google PlayStores that gave me some ideas on other features that might be helpful. My friends and family also give me some feedback which helps a lot.

Thank you for reading, appreciate it!

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